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Common question

How is the shipping price calculated ?

Shipping price depends on two factors (volumetric weight + actual weight)

What is meant by the volumetric weight of the shipment?

Volumetric weight is (length x width x height / 5000) The result is the volumetric weight of the shipment

Are perfumes and liquid materials allowed to be shipped?

Perfumes, liquid materials, oils and all flammable materials prevent their shipment for the safety of you and others

Does the shipping price include customs and taxes?

All prices given by our employees are shipping and delivery rates only and all additional fees are paid on delivery

Is it allowed to ship international brands?

International brands (clothes - accessories) are allowed to be shipped in one case only if these brands are original and are accompanied by an invoice

Charging electronic devices allowed or not?

Shipping of electronic devices is permitted, but there are some countries that prohibit receiving electronic devices such as (Canada - Britain) according to the state law

Is it possible to know the customs duties?

Customs duties cannot be known at the time of dispatch, and they are determined by the customs of the destination country exclusively, and the recipient is notified of them

How to package the economy?

The method of packaging the cargoes varies according to their content and this work is the prerogative of our employees so that the cargos are wrapped to suit their actual weight

Why are we

Work quickly and efficiently!

Our work quickly and efficiently is the secret that makes our customer prepare the experience of shipping with us again, which is what distinguishes our company

  • Fast and punctual shipment
  • Credibility in dealing
  • Keep your information confidential
  • Keep your shipments private
  • Handle carefully your important shipmentsi

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